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Take a trip through my mind. ☯

Take a trip through my mind. ☯

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Anonymous said: You really shouldn't call someone a scumbag that you know literally nothing about.

Yes I know Zack Pearson & he is indeed a scum bag. Your not clever. Get of my page.

do u wanna cuddle naked yes or yes 

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Anonymous said: I will save you the trouble and stop sending you questions until things clear up for me darling.

Bye bye birdy✌

Anonymous said: You shouldn't call someone a scumbag when you dont know the first thing about them. Just saying.

Lol way to call yourself out Zack. You are a scum bag and you have no respect for women. If you keep it up your going to die alone with 5 cats. Just stop while your ahead big boy.

Anonymous said: Oh no no no cx

I’m so lost